Tuscany Itinerary
for 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Days


Wondering what is the best Tuscany itinerary for 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days? Would you like some help to create your own perfect itinerary for traveling to Tuscany and still make sure you don't miss a thing?

On this page I'll give tips and suggestions for creating itineraries in Tuscany of any length - for two, three, five, seven or ten days.

These itineraries are best to follow when driving a car and having a freedom of sleeping every night in different hotels as you travel around varios provinces.

However, even if you have a complete stay in one same hotel, apartment of villa you'll still find here many useful tips and suggestions to make the best out of you holidays visit.

If you'd like any further advice do not hesitate to contact me on the bottom of the page.


Tuscany Itinerary Suggestions


Tuscany Itinerary for 2 Days

So you are staying in Tuscany for only 2 days, hm? It's too short of a stay to see complete Tuscany itinerary but this may be just enough to experience its essentials!

For such a short stay of just 2 days we may only have the time to go through the most important Tucany must-do's, so here we go:

DAY 1            DAY 1               DAY 1             DAY 1          DAY 2

Siena Itinerary CHIANTI LUNCH San Gimignano itinerary Pisa ItineraryFlorence itinerary



DAY 1: Departing from Florence, head to gothic Siena famous for its medieval history and have your lunch in a restaurant surronded by Chianti vineyards. Degustate and buy the original Chianti wine and olive oil right where it gets produced! Next stop is San Gimignano with its Medieval towers and, of course, Pisa with its leaning tower, Cathedral, Baptistery and monumental Cemetery.

Day 1 of the 2 Days Tuscany itinerary can be accomplished either by driving your own car (or rental car if you've got one) or by taking a guided coach trip "Tuscany in a Day"(recommended as you won't have the stress of missing anything in such a short time).

DAY 2: Next full day is worth dedicating to Florence 100%. Uffizi Gallery and Vassari Corridor, Renaissance churches, river Arno, architecture, shopping, cuisine, night life - there are attarctions for all ages and tastes. Dedicating one full day to Florence is a must in any Tuscany itinerary, believe me.


Tuscany Itinerary for 3 Days

First two days of 3 Days Tuscany itinerary we will keep pretty much the same as in 2 Days itinerary but in this case we have one full day more to dedicate to exploring amazing Tuscany.

What will be the best suggestion on how to spend this day?


    SUMMER                             AUTUMN                           ANY TIME
    DAY 3                            DAY 3                           DAY 3

Beach   or    WINERY itinerary    or   Lucca itinerary



DAY 3: If you are having a 3 days stay in Tuscany in the summer remember it gets very hot here. After effectively spending first 2 days on Renaissance and other Medieval historical values you can deservedly dedicate the third day on visiting some beautiful Mediterranean beaches like those of Versilia (for groups of friends or people who like elite vacationing) or Maremma (for kids and families).

In the fall Tuscany enters into the period of harvesting and presenting new wine therefore I would recommend dedicating a day on visiting a winery with guided visit of vineyards, cellar, wine degustation and maybe a lunch. Not all wineries serve lunch, so you may need to get yourself to a nearest village for some nice traditional food accompanied by good local wine. Choose for a good restaurant popular among locals. Which winery to choose? Here you can find some of the best ones, and rely on your taste and on your geografical location.

Visiting a town of Lucca is another good option for Day 3 of the Tuscany itinerary for 3 days. Lucca is famous for its Renaissance city walls, cathedrals and churches, Opera (Puccini was born here!), cigars, gardens and fountains. Traditional Lucca food is also delicious.

Visit to Lucca can be combined with the beaches or wineries on the same day, if you still would like to see as much as possible on your 3 Days itinerary.


Tuscany Itinerary for 5 Days

On 5 days itinerary we will go through all the Tuscany must-visit destination as 5 days are already enough to spend some quality time on details and not just run through the essentials.

Tuscany has 6 sites that make part of the UNESCO World Heritage, and on five days itinerary we are going to see all of them. So here we go:

DAY 1                 DAY 2                DAY 2               DAY 2               DAY 3

Florence itinerary  Siena Itinerary   Pienza Itinerary   Montepulciano  Cortona




DAY 3                 DAY 3                DAY 4               DAY 4               DAY 5

Val d'Orcia Montalcino San Gimignano itinerary Pisa Itinerary Lucca itinerary



What makes part of UNESCO in Tuscany? Historical centers of Florence (1), of Siena (2), piazza del Duomo in Pisa (3), historical center of San Gimignano (4) and Pienza (5) and Val d'Orcia (6). These six gratest sites of UNESCO World Heritage make 5 days itinerary very complete. You can be sure you've seen the main values of Tuscany.

Villages Montepulciano and Montalcino are famous for its fabulous wines. I suggest when visiting this area you take a break from sightseeing and visit some good local restaurants and wineries for wine degustation and typical lunch or dinner.

In any case, if you are staying in Tuscany in the summer I still highly recommend visiting a beach for at least one ful day.


Tuscany Itineraries for 7 Days and for 10 Days

In my opinion, 7 and 10 Days itineraries in Tuscany must definitely inlude all of the 5 Days steps and just add anything on your choice!

Historical towns of Arezzo, Pistoia, Certaldo, Volterra, fortified medieval villages Pitigliano, Sorano, Monteriggioni, Vicopisano, Serravalle Pistoiese, Natural Maremma park, hot springs in Saturnia, Monsummano o Montecatini Terme, islands of Tuscan archipelago, shopping in Florence city or suburb outlets, antique markets or souvenir shops, or just about anything else YOU like the most.


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