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Tuscany decorating has nothing to do with castles and palaces of medieval Tuscany as you may first think. Tuscany interior decorating is based upon folk architecture, and it found its popularity only in 1950th.

Tuscan Color Palette

Tuscany interior decorating uses a warm palette of the Tuscan landscape. Tuscan paint colors of the Tuscan style homes are in the perfect harmony with colors of earth, plants, fruits and sky.

Yellow color in Tuscany interior decorating is used most often and can have many shades: from bright solar to dark yellow.

Tuscan Style homes  Tuscan color palette

             Tuscan Style Homes                                           Tuscan Colors Palette

Other popular colors for Tuscan style homes are terracotta, deep red, brown, green, orange and light shades of blue. Decorating with Tuscan colors can be done in various combinations or giving a preference to unique dominating color.

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- Chuck Palahniuk


Tuscan Colors

Paint colors are usually white for the ceilings; and Tuscan paint palette for walls may also have shades of blue and green. Warm shades of Tuscan decorating colors copy "colors of the earth" like yellow ochre and rusty-red tones.

For a furniture upholstery and coverlets of beds Tuscans use fabrics with simple geometrical ornaments - strips or V-shaped figures where they combine yellow with red or dark blue, and also red with green.

Tuscan fabric designs include monophonic fabrics of pastel pink, cream and white colors. Tuscans usually use them for window or bed curtains. Curtains or wooden shutters play an important role in decorating Tuscan style. In the summer the sun light is too intensive in Italy, and curtains and window shutters keep the homes cool.

Tuscan shutters window Tuscan house window shutters

Tuscan Shutters Colors Photos - Green, Brown & White

Tuscan style house shutters are normally green. Other popular shutter colors are white and brown.

Tuscany decorating gives you the sensation of comfort and home cosiness, and it is popular not only in Italy but allover the world!

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Tuscan Interior Design and Decorating

Floors of the Tuscan style homes are usually covered with the terracotta tile forming a basic geometrical ornament.

Tuscan wooden beams

Wooden Beams & Ceilings

Plastered ceilings are either flat or plaster is crossed by wooden beams. I've seen Tuscan houses with no ceilings at all: just a roof crossed by wooden beams.

Arches - real or false - are used frequently in decorating in Tuscany.

Tuscan style arches   Tuscan arches design

              Tuscan Style Arches

The important items of Tuscan interior design are natural stone and ceramic tile in the interior decorating. The granite, limestone and marble are frequently used for decorating walls, floors and chimneys.

Ceramic tiles of various sizes, forms and design are essential in the interior decorating Tuscan style. The most popular tile in Tuscany decorating is the one imitating old stone, and the preference is given to unpolished stone and matte tile.

You can often see also the false stone in the interior design.

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Tuscan Style Kitchens

Stone counter-tops are used quite often for Tuscany kitchen decorating and for dining tables. Sometimes mosaic tile designs are used for counter tops as a decorating idea of a Tuscan kitchen.

Tuscan style kitchen islands can also use ceramic tile or marble countertops.

Ceramic Tile Counter   Tuscany Interior decorating marble

                 Tuscan Mural Kitchen                      Marble Kitchen Counter

"If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life."
- Louis Parrish

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Tuscan Style Bathroom Decorating

Tuscan bathroom

Tuscany bathroom tile design ideas include ceramic or mosaic wall tiles and a build in bath. Rarely a bath can be freestanding.


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Tuscan Furniture

Tuscany furniture made of dark wood - which is often made old artificially - is strong and basic. It reflects the adherence of Tuscan people to the traditional family values. It looks like all the things in the house, even new ones, serve more than one generation of a family.

Tuscany furniture   Tuscany furniture

Tuscan Style Furniture

The traditional wooden Tuscan furniture - chairs, sofas, tables and wardrobes - is made of the local wood, usually a chestnut. A skeleton of the Tuscan beds is usually made of welded iron.

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Tuscan Interior Decorating Ideas & Accessories

Tuscany decorating presumes only natural materials. Interior always uses products from ceramics and metal. The metal must be matte like antique.

Silver made items are also popular: frames, candlesticks, decorative vases... Tuscan style dishes can be made of pure copper or of various metals with copper.

Tuscany is the land of excellent Italian wine. You can see bottles of red wine not only in the dining room, but also in the kitchen, in the living room, on the terrace. Interior decorating uses the grapevine image quite often.

You can meet climbing plants both round the house and in the interior. Each Tuscan style home is surrounded by flowers and magnificent plants. Tuscan style homes are difficult to imagine without blossoming indoor plants.


Tuscany Decorating plants   Tuscan style homes plants decorating

Decorating with Mediterranean Plants

The Tuscan interior design not only is beautiful, but also is cozy. Despite visible simplicity Tuscany decorating offers warmth, convenience and comfort.

Tuscany interior decorating can be a perfect idea for a big family for a few generations!


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