Best Travel Books for Italy

When you are planning a trip to Italy there may be hundreds of things you are interested in such as eating out in Italy restaurants, understanding basic Italian phrases, places to shop in Italy and much more.

We have been covering many of these topics on our Italian travel tips page. However, it makes a world of a difference having a printed pocket size Italy travel guide book with you which you can consult during your trip.

I've made a big research through the large variety of travel books for Italy available these days on the market and have selected the best Italy travel books below divided in logical categories.

I hope you will find the travel guide you're looking for and have a great stay in sunny and friendly Italy! If you have any questions or need support please feel free to contact me.


Travel Books for Italy by Categories


Eating out in Italy

Contains a number of great dining out guides covering best restaurants in Italy by region, restaurant etiquette, tipping suggestions, Italian restaurant menu, food description and recommendations.


Italian language software

Includes best Italian language learning software with reviews, description and suggestions. This page will help you learn Italian fast and easy.




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