Livorno Beaches

Picturesque Bays or Rocky Coast?..

Livorno beach Livorno beaches are sometimes called the best beaches of Tuscany.

These wonderful and splendid beaches of Livorno province (going south from Livorno down the coast) - Quercianella, Chioma, Castiglioncello, Rosignano...

Having lived in Livorno for many years and having visited many of its beaches personally I have a double opinion about that.

With no doubt Livorno coast is stunning! It is filled with picturesque bays and lagoons framed by mountains and cliffs.

Add to these wonderful Mediterranean plants and forests and lovely resort towns spreading down the coast. The view is indeed splendid.


Livorno Beach
Livorno Coast


The other side of the story of Livorno beaches is that you are probably not only planning to look at them but also swim, take sunbaths and have fun. And the coast of beaches in Livorno is quite rocky, with eventual sharp rocks also under the water.

Livorno beach

Underwater Rocks in Livorno


Livorno Beach Bottom
Stony Beach Bottom in Livorno

Livorno beach bottom

Locals normally visit these beaches with robber beach shoes. I remember having hurt my toes many times when I was walking in the water and suddenly stepped on a sharp rock - until I also started using beach shoes for my babies and myself.

Here is my daughter Lorena on the beach in Livorno.

Tuscany Beaches Livorno

Wearing Beach Shoes on Livorno Beach


Especially if you visit these beaches with children and babies keep that in mind. Beach shoes are easy to buy also locally so no need to stress about it.

The only beauty of the rocky coast for kids is, perhaps, that on some beaches in Livorno province the waters are low right at the coast and are filled with flat rocks. These rocks get incredibly hot on the sun and the areas between them are filled with low warm waters.

Children love playing in these little bays!


What’s Your Favorite of All the Tuscany Beaches?

Have you discovered any of the beautiful Tuscany beaches during your travel to Tuscany? Please share them with us!

Share your favorite Tuscany beach, your warmest holiday memory on the Tuscan coast!



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